Parent Support

Becoming a parent changes everything. Moving through the many stages of parenthood can bring about the greatest joys and most heart wrenching challenges. The emotional attachment we feel for our children can stir up profound feelings. Parents may feel joys, disappointments, and desires related to their own childhood that interact with some of the basic challenges presented in raising children at every stage of life. The adjustment to becoming a new parent and to the many developmental stages in children’s lives can be bewildering and emotionally disorganizing. Guidance and emotional support are necessary as we move our families through the stages of our children’s lives including infancy, early childhood, the tween years, and adolescence.

I bring to my practice over 20 years of training and experience in the education and treatment of children and families. I have specialties in childhood development, parental adjustment, and adolescent mental health. Together we can help you understand your child’s behavior and develop insight into your own feelings towards parenthood.


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